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(Edukational restaurant business is of the people for the health and financial benefit of the people)

(‘Edukational’ is brand name of educational health food restaurant)

United Global Human Request for your support and participation towards a revolutionary practical approach to make available healthiest food and encourage people to eat healthy and to adopt a healthy life style for health and also for  financial benefit.

Q: Why was Edukational Restaurant set up?

Answer: As with building up temple, Gurudwara, mosque, church, university, school, hospital are essentials, so essential it is to set up a correct informative health food restaurant to make available healthiest food and also to providing opportunity and facilities to people to gain correct knowledge on health and nutrition as well as to learn prepare, choose and eat individually suitable healthy balanced food; or as we say at EduKational "Intelligent Eating"..

healthy food

and to adopt correct life style.

Health course

health course

Meditative Exercise

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Majority of the people, who are in hospital/clinic for medical cure are those who have become untimely old, have spoiled their health mostly because of believing easily in hearsay, and due to lack of desire to pursue for understanding correct information on health and nutrition, and on taking self-care on protection of health.

It is so because we have created a society which is hostile to our health and that of the children. In the name of health and life style, adults and children are being forced via powerful marketing and advertisement systems to eat and live unnatural and unhealthy. 
As a result people distance from nature and are inclined to eat unhealthy foods and live an unhealthy life style. Thus they spoil their health, catch diseases, and then they are enticed to increase dependency on proven or unproven medicines, herbal medicines, supplements or devices and other curing methods or products.

It is well known to medical science that death begins from the stomach; eating mostly unnatural, highly processed, nutrient-poor, refined foods that are high in trans-fats, sugar, and salt. (Such as cookies, sodas, snack bars, noodles, pasta made of refined wheat or grain, candies, deep fried food, fast foods, packaged sauces, processed food dressing materials or fruit juices).

Consumption of these foods spike blood sugar levels, providing a short burst of energy, but do little to curb the feeling of hunger. This means hunger will quickly return; thus eating more of these calorie-laden, nutrient-poor foods, which lack natural fiber and/or phytochemicals* will cause constipation and metabolic syndrome, type-2 diabetes, obesity, cancer, heart and other diseases.

This wrong eating and life style not only destroys the health of adults and children but also the fetus (baby in mother’s womb) thus makes the coming generation disease prone.
*(phytochemicals are natural medicine, abundantly occurring in plants, legumes, fruits, seeds, nuts, barks and vegetables in their natural form)

With our present advanced knowledge in medical science, we do live longer but with more disease, pain, suffering and morbidity because our present social and health care system is not promoting PREVENTION which is always better than cure.


It is the sense of science that human evolved to meet their medicinal, nutritional, and antioxidant requirements, NOT from capsules, tablets, bottled, highly processed, convenient fast junk foods, fluids and fruit juices, but from eating natural food in its’ natural form. This is what Peer reviewed research studies, the main stream medical science concludes.

"Multivitamins are, at best, a waste of money" Johns Hopkins University doctors say.

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Raising motivation of people to pursue for attaining Buddhi and for understanding what is Correct Knowledge on health and nutrition and on the factors which impact human health (Health Prevention), will help reduce incurrence of the diseases and improve the quality of life. This will also help save individual money and that of Government public fund (which are unnecessarily, spent on providing curing on the 75% diseases, presently people are suffering from, which are actually avoidable, the world scientific community conclude).

Well and correctly informed people, if they have an opportunity available to eat healthy food, and follow an Intelligent Eating path, can live healthier, longer and with quality of life which will also be exponential in granting human a right to be born (Your daughters and sons) in good health, and to live in good health.

Pregnant woman

Our health is not impacted only by what we eat and how we live, but also by what our parents ate and how they lived

United Global Human Organization appeals to sincere leaders, influential people and the government, for an active support in the efforts to help set up a correct informative healthy food Restaurant of the people, for the people as the purpose of setting up this business of Restaurant is for the immediate and long term health and financial benefit to public.

Setting up EduKational Restaurant is a part of Action Plan of UGH for sustainable practical efforts to Making available the healthiest food to people and empowering them with correct knowledge which will be exponential in creating a knowledgeable society. Correctly Informed, vigilant people can help transform own health-hostile behavior, and the corrupt social health care system and the food industries which are presently irresponsible, health-hostile foe, into health-friendly, responsible ally.

The other purpose of setting up Edukational Restaurant is to;

Provide financial regular income to the volunteers (who make investment and become owners of the Edukational and to members who apply for membership in the EduKational and the Local committee of UGH

Rehabilitation of seniors. For sustainable rehabilitation of senior citizens, the foundation UGH encourages seniors to become members in EduKational Restaurant for their health, wellness, and for permanent financial gain.

seniors seminar

At the restaurant seniors will have an opportunity to eat healthy food at discounted rate, while enjoying mental serenity, living an active, very healthy, happy and purposeful life by taking charge of their health, which will be an example and inspiration for the young generation.

Seniors at Edukational Restaurant will find a suitable environment for socialization.

Living in groups is beneficial for health. Living in Groups Are Key Tools of Good Health. University of Exeter (2009, Sept.12). Exeter University latest news

The EduKational restaurant will have some special programs like:

  1. Learning music, singing and dancing
  2. Learning, exploring and preparing healthy individually suitable foods.

    cooking class
  3. Educational program like, Behavioral Learning English speaking tutorials for gaining proficiency in spoken English in very short period. These programs will be for both children and adults. Such programs are also for the purpose to encourage children and adults to eat and live healthy.
  4. Volunteer owners, members of EduKational restaurant will get regular lifelong financial benefit from the profit of the business of EduKational.
  5. Volunteers, members and their spouses may get employment in their own EduKational Restaurant.
  6. Role Model children and adult who eat and live a healthy life style will be selected for scholarship for education and or for other attractive prizes and benefits.

Rice farmers, Thailand

The Main source of funds for UGH is the donation from EduKational restaurant. Funds of UGH is and will be spent on working for achieving Its Aims & Objective.

UGH encourages farmers to become Local Committee of UGH and do farming and produce health products with Eco friendly farming under supervision of and with complete support from UGH. Such products will be totally purchased by the EduKational Restaurant for its consumption and for sales and exports.

This program is aimed to promote protection of environment and to increasing the per capita income of the farmers.

Question: Why does United Global Human Family (UGH)want to help manage Edukational Restaurant?

Answer: To insure financial success and sustainability of the Restaurant while keeping the Edukational restaurant strictly adhered to its main purposes i.e. providing only healthiest food and correct knowledge to public and financial and other benefits to volunteers, members and local communities of UGH


United Global Human Thailand: 0814673874, 0865488091