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Health is not one's personal property

We have no right to spoil ours and our children's health.

Posted: Sunday August 14 2016



Health is not one's personal property; it is Global human heritage … your health is a global human property.

We have no right to spoil ours and our children's health.

Eating unhealthy food and living an unhealthy life is one of the major causes makes us sick, we then start seeking cures and not only waste our own money and that of our family or of the government …the public money, but also become unnecessarily burden on entire humanity, in the process of undergoing treatment for the diseases which we buy ourselves that are otherwise avoidable.

(Selling diseases and selling cures is rooted in the Death marketing and Death management paradigm of our present modern civilization. We are not any different from the past so called barbarian civilization. The only different is that we have dismantled the small small kingdoms, nations and have formed into a larger camp as united kingdom or states, but the barbaric behavior that includes extreme selfishness while seeking prosperity, protection of one's own camp by looting and destroying the others, remained unchanged. The past civilization used to do it by wielding sword, the present uses communication technology. United Global Human)

Not making enough efforts to improvise our Buddhi for understanding what Information is correct and what is not on the factors impact our health and well-being cannot be taken as an excuse.


Any food any moment we put in our mouth, is going to decide whether we get loss or profit in terms of health.


Bad Carb Burnt -- versus -- Healthy food


Accumulation of moments, days, months and years of losses due to improper eating, and eating of highly refined food like fiber depleted, skin removed cereals, grain, vegetables, fruits, junk food, fluids like fruit juice, soda drinks, the highly processed meat, poultry, fishes (raised through conventional farming which may lack omega-3 EPA, DHA and some other important nutrients, phytochemicals, amylose, while will contain high amylopectin and other health hazardous substances like antibiotic, hormone, and higher level of toxins like dioxin, furan, mercury, cadmium) together with using unhealthy cooking methods and materials, including smoking and drinking, are the single major underlying cause among all other factors, responsible for the present global human health scenario of the accelerated aging, steep rise in occurrence of cancer, heart, diabetes and obesity and other diseases.


Motivation to eat natural healthy Food as Herbs & Medicine to live healthier, longer with quality of life, will change our taste buds and we will find only healthy foods more palatable.

Research finding confirms that it is possible to train our brain to cure addiction to junk food and make it craving for healthy food.

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