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Healthy Eating - Healthy Lifestyle?

Just as we cannot buy education stuffed in capsules, tablets or products, the same is true about maintaining health.

We need to make the effort ourselves for Healthy Eating and a Healthy Lifestyle

Not in competition

EduKational Restaurant is not in competition with Restaurants ...
... but rather we are competition with Hospitals and Clinics. WHY?

Hospital and Clinics are where patients queue to buy cures for illnesses, many of which are actually avoidable!


People queing at a hospital in the Phillipines

The truth is that just by having the correct information, maintaining a Healthy Diet, and living a Healthy Lifestyle, we can actually avoid those 75% of illnesses - currently afflicting people all around the world - that are sold to us by the vested interests in the world of big business and Healthcare.

Having been afflicted by one or more of these avaidable illnesses and conditions, we then spend our hard earned money on buying cures sold to us by the same vested interests in the sphere of big business and Healthcare research !


Then we buy cures for diseases sold to us

As we go through our daily lives we have certain expectations, for example, that we can buy good food to eat.
Most of us do not have the luxury of producing our own food; we therefore have to rely on farmers and food manufacturers to provide good basic foods; we then have to rely on food processing, food packers, food distributors, and the food researchers to ensure that we have safe foods to be sold in shops and other outlets.


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Corrupt scientists falsify research; corrupt food, drug, and 'health product' manufacturers falsify product information

It is a sad fact that there are many people, from lauded scientists and members of the established industries, that are prepared to sell us unhealthy products in order to make money.
Corrupt scientists falsify research; corrupt food, drug, and 'health product' manufacturers falsify product information; they do it in order that we, the trusting consumers, are mislead into buying foods, drugs, and health products believing they are trustworthy and beneficial for us and our children, when they are not.

See our cartoon article on 'The Great Health Care Scam' at Natural Health Science Evidence

Chinese parents queuing for medical assistance after 'tainted' milk scandal

The scourge of incorrect information

Too many people around the world are blighted by the scourge of 'incorrect' information. Information that comes to us in many forms' for example from advertising and food packaging and labelling.

Getting correct information is essential to ensure that we are able to live a healthy life. We need to understand what information is honest, that is to say, not based on dishonest or flawed science research, marketing hype from corrupt food manufacturers, or simply bad advice from hearsay handed down through generations (However, 'Mother knows best' can sometimes be useful). So how do we know what information is correct, and what is not?

For more on how to find 'correct information', see our article on 'What is Correct Information?' at: Natural Health Science Evidene Based (Opens in new browser page).

There have been many scandals relating to the manufacture and selling of health hazardous food, drugs, and other products, for example Tainted Milk - China, BSE (CJD) - UK, (food), Thalidomide -1950's and 60's, Worldwide (drug), and PIP Breast Implants - France (Women's health product).


The problems of corrupt practices in food manufacture are worldwide so it is imperative that we become 'Intelligent Eaters'.

The problems of corrupt practices in food manufacture are worldwide, so it is imperative that we become 'Intelligent Eaters'. Then by using correct information to stay updated and fully informed on all matters concerning our diet we are less likely to become victim to the health care scammers.

As Intelligent Eaters we must strive to only eat fresh, natural foods that are free from harmful additives and chemicals, and that have been processed as little as possible - preferably not at all (because, strictly speaking, picking, cutting, cleaning, and packing of any foods will count as processing). See our articles on foods to avoid and food for health benefit.

As 'Intelligent Eaters' we must question everything concerning our food and diet; we must ensure that we only rely on honest, peer reviewed information from accredited respected sources.
We must not allow ourselves to be drawn into the web of deceit and misinformation put out by the money hungry corrupt food industry supported by their dishonest researchers.

Intelligent eaters know that they must eat a 'Balanced Diet' in order to gain the maximum benefit from their food. See our article on eating a balanced diet.

Curious may check reliable scientific opinion and our suggestion on food for a gradual, permanent weight loss at:

Now that we have established that we must be 'Intelligent Eaters' we need to realise that our eating habits are only half of the story. The other equally important half is our lifestyle.

Eating fresh, natural, health promoting foods is of little use if we lose their benefit by pursuing unhealthy habits, for example, smoking and drinking alcohol. At EduKational we say 'NO' to all forms of smoking and to alcohol.
See our article on Smoking.


Another area where many people let themselves down is by not doing sufficient suitable exercise; again, overall health is a combination of factors that include exercise suitable for a persons age and present medical condition.
There is a myriad of information concerning exercise regimes available from honest fitness center professionals or from your medical doctor.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you have a pre-existing diagnosed medical condition we at EduKational strongly advise you to take honest, expert medical advice before changing your diet or exercise regimes.

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